With our staff of hands-on licensed engineers, certified operators, plumbers, licensed electricians, and expert technicians, Weston & Sampson provides operation and maintenance (O&M) services to public and private clients for conventional and innovative alternative technology; wastewater and water treatment plants; pump stations; and wastewater collection, water distribution, and storm drain systems. Our preventive maintenance services include site visits, evaluations, reports, instruction, inspection, management, schedules, and programs. We also offer full contract preventive maintenance as well as scheduled and emergency corrective maintenance services, both as part of contract operations and on an individual project basis.

Additionally, we provide cross connection programs and surveys as well as backflow device testing, repairs, and installation and around-the-clock emergency repairs, including weekends or holidays.

Our comprehensive on-the-job and classroom training sessions include start-up, operation, preventative and corrective maintenance, safety, and confined space entry.