2020 South Carolina Environmental Conference (SCEC)

2020 SCEC

2020 SCEC

Sponsor, Exhibitor and Presenters at SCEC

Weston & Sampson is a proud sponsor and exhibitor at the South Carolina Environmental Conference (SCEC) taking place March 15-18 at the Sheraton Myrtle Beach Convention Center. See us in Booth #243. Representatives of Weston & Sampson also present on several topics throughout the conference.

Sunday, March 15 — DON GALLUCCI, Weston & Sampson, presents — "I/I Programs -- Are they Worthwhile?"
10:10-10:40, Ballroom C

Sunday, March 15 — RACHEL UETRECHT, Weston & Sampson, presents — "PFAS Treatment and Case Study"
1:30-2:00, Ballroom C

Sunday, March 15 — MICHAEL SMITH, Weston & Sampson, presents — "An Innovative Approach to Brewery Wastewater Treatment"
2:40-3:10, Ballroom B

Sunday, March 15 — KYLE HAY, Weston & Sampson, presents — "Effective Strategies for Planning and Managing Risks of PFAS Contamination in Drinking Water Supplies"
3:15-3:45, Ballroom C

Monday, March 16 — MEGHAN MOODY, Weston & Sampson, presents — "Mindful Mentoring: Optimizing Individual Potential Development"
8:30-9:00, Room 102/103

Monday, March 16 — KIP GEARHART, Weston & Sampson, presents — "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: Force Main Assessments without the Bells & Whistles"
1:40-2:10, Ballroom B

Monday, March 16 — STEVEN LAROSA, Weston & Sampson, presents — "Presence and Transformation of PFAS at Wastewater Treatment Facilities with Varying Source Inputs"
2:15-2:45, Ballroom A

Tuesday, March 17 — GEORGE NASLAS, Weston & Sampson, presents — "Per- and Poly-Fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS): A National Perspective"
10:25-10:55, Room 101

Tuesday, March 17 — MALENA YABLINSKY, Weston & Sampson, presents — "A Six Step Approach to Successfully Planning and Constructing a New Utilities Support Facility"
2:40-3:10, Room 101

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