Weston & Sampson 2024 Promotions

Weston & Sampson would like to announce several key promotions within the company. Please join us in congratulating these individuals on their accomplishments!


John Sykora John Sykora joined Weston & Sampson in 1997, after receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Norwich University. John has more than 25 years of experience providing project management, design, construction administration and inspection, and resident engineering for water and wastewater projects. Currently serving as a Senior Team Leader in the firm’s Wastewater group, John works on our strategic initiatives across all three companies.


Tony Zerilli

Anthony Zerilli joined the firm as an Environmental Scientist in 2002, after earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from Bates College. Tony brings to the firm two decades of experience in permitting, ecology, and environmental and natural resource management. As a Senior Team Leader in our Water group, Tony is committed to ensuring compliance and fostering sustainable practices in Weston & Sampson’s project work.


Currently a Senior Team Leader in Weston & Sampson’s Water group, Tara McManus joined the firm in 2001. She has more than 20 years of experience in the study, design, and construction of water supply, storage, distribution, metering, and treatment systems, and provides specific expertise in permitting, water audits and conservation, and funding mechanisms. Tara received her Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Union College and is a registered Professional Engineer in multiple states.


Roger Alcott

Roger Alcott has more than 30 years of experience in the management, design, and construction of roadways, utilities, and drainage systems. Since joining Weston & Sampson in 2001, Roger has provided a range of services for complex transportation infrastructure projects, including for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) $2.3B Green Line Extension project. A Senior Team Leader in our Transportation group, Roger is registered Professional Engineer and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Merrimack College.


Mike Richard

With Weston & Sampson since 2004, Michael Richard has nearly 30 years of experience in the permitting, planning, and design of municipal facilities and solid waste projects. As Discipline Leader of our Facilities group, he oversees the planning, public outreach, design, and construction of municipal facilities, including department of public works (DPW) facilities. Mike holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil & Environmental Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and is a registered Professional Engineer.


Eric Reitter, PE, PMP

Eric Reitter, Discipline Leader of the firm’s Transportation group, has nearly 30 years of experience in engineering, environmental remediation, and construction. With the firm since 2019, Eric has successfully managed complex projects, including Weston & Sampson’s multi-million-dollar contract with NAVFAC. He has significant experience working with regulatory agencies and diverse stakeholders and is adept at communicating and negotiating with regulators and community interest groups. In addition to his project duties, Eric serves on our operations subcommittee and works across teams to help the firm achieve our long-term goals. Eric holds Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of New Hampshire, and is a certified Project Management Professional and registered Professional Engineer in several states.

In addition to the Vice President promotions listed above, the following individuals have been promoted to Associate or Senior Associate levels in our Senior Leadership Team.


Meghan Moody, Senior Team Leader, Wastewater, Charleston
Paul Greco, Team Leader, Wastewater, Reading
Kara Keleher, Senior Team Leader, Wastewater, Reading
Laurie Toscano, Team Leader, Wastewater, Reading
Tulin Fuselier, Practice Leader, EGE, Reading
Rob Bukowski, Practice Leader, EGE, Reading
Brandon Kunkel, Practice Leader, Design, Boston
Jaurice Schwartz, Senior Team Leader, Wastewater, Reading
Paul Jensen, General Manager, CMR, Wilmington
Sal Ferrara, Operations Manager, CMR, Wilmington
Scott Bruso, Practice Leader, Transportation, Foxboro


Bob Tedeschi, Senior Team Leader, Wastewater, Rocky Hill
Corey Repucci, Team Leader, Wastewater, Reading
Robin Seidel, Team Leader, Water, Reading
Mike Warner, Senior Team Leader, Water, Foxboro
Jeff Provost, Team Leader, Water, Portsmouth
Todd Bridgeo, Team Leader, EGE, Portsmouth
Brittany Danikas, Project Manager, WSS, Wilmington
Nate Seifert, Practice Leader, Transportation, Foxboro
Dan Sampson, Construction Manager, CMR, Wilmington
Paul Colson, QA/QC Superintendent, CMR, Wilmington
Christine O’Brien, Brand & Digital Marketing Manager, Marketing, Reading
John Colton, Director IT, OSG, Reading

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