Airline Trail – Multidisciplinary Bridge Design Services

Weston & Sampson provided civil, structural, and landscape architecture services to the town as part of the design and construction of the Pomfret Bridge Trail. The project included the design of two new prefabricated steel pedestrian bridge crossings, three new precast concrete pedestrian arch crossings, and two at-grade pedestrian crossings.

The Airline Trail is a rail trail and linear state park that spans across Connecticut and connects to the Southern New England Trunkline Trail at the Massachusetts state line. The project involved closing gaps along the Airline Trail by providing pedestrian and equestrian connections across traffic routes and other obstacles along the trail.

Our team assessed each site to establish familiarity with site features and design constraints, and we reviewed town mapping, utility surveys and historical data to obtain all relevant site information. We evaluated existing bridges to determine the potential restoration objectives, conducted topographic field surveys to obtain additional information along the roadway at each road crossing, and incorporated the existing utility records into the base mapping. Soil test borings and rock core samples provided engineers and designers with the information necessary to determine load-bearing capacity and stormwater infrastructure requirements.

Weston & Sampson created conceptual renderings of the proposed structures to ensure that the materials and design fit into the context of each site and that pedestrian and equestrian safety was maintained. Our structural engineers prepared a structural type study for each of the two bridge structures and three pedestrian culverts. We created structural plans for the proposed bridges and improvement designs with layout, details, elevations, and sections for each site location, including maintenance and traffic protection. Weston & Sampson coordinated impacts to and the relocation of affected utilities at each site and prepared cost estimates for major project work items. In addition, we coordinated and secured local, state, and federal permit applications, including responses to comments from regulatory agencies.





  • site analysis
  • surveying
  • geotechnical report
  • concept development
  • mapping
  • permitting
  • cost estimating
  • bidding and construction phase

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