Alternative Fuel Supply Evaluation

Forked River Power, Ocean County, New Jersey

Forked River Power is an 87 MW simple cycle power plant located in Ocean County, New Jersey that provides peak-shaving services into the Jersey Central Power & Light electric system. The power plant is dual fuel capable (natural gas and fuel oil) with two GE Frame 6B combustion turbines. Natural gas supply to the power plant is provided from New Jersey Natural Gas on an interruptible contract, meaning that the natural gas supply can be curtailed to the plant during high demand periods on the natural gas pipeline system. Though the combustion turbines can operate on fuel oil, stored on site, they need to be started on natural gas before being switched over to fuel oil.

Weston & Sampson was selected to evaluate alternative natural gas fuel supply options that could be used to start the combustion turbines during the periods when the power plant natural gas supply is curtailed from the gas supplier. The natural gas supply requirements to start the turbines on an annual basis were calculated in cooperation with the client, and then both liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG) supply options were evaluated. Both portable and fixed system options for the LNG and CNG supply options were identified. The received supply option pricing and prepared capital cost estimates were used by the client to perform an economic evaluation of the options and provided a basis to negotiate with their current gas supplier. In conclusion, Forked River Power was able to negotiate terms with New Jersey Natural Gas for the additional gas needed during a curtailment to start their combustion turbines.


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