Non-Point Source Pollution Evaluation and Treatment Design

Non-Point Source Pollution Evaluation, Stormwater Treatment Design, and Grant Application Preparation

The Town of Ashland, through its Community Preservation Act Committee and the Waushakum Pond Association, retained Weston & Sampson to evaluate the sources of Non-Point Source Pollution, develop preliminary stormwater treatment systems design, and prepare a s. 319 Grant Application to assist the town in funding the system improvements.  The pond is located in the headwaters of the Concord River Watershed and is tributary to the Sudbury River, one of the watersheds prioritized by Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MADEP) for improvements to water quality in the towns of Ashland and Framingham.  It is also one of Massachusetts’ Great Ponds.  The pond serves as a significant recreational area, with a public boat landing and a public beach located on its shores.  The area around the pond is highly developed and receives stormwater discharge from a roadway collection system that currently provides little or no treatment. 

Waushakum Pond is currently listed on MADEP Proposed Year 2006 Integrated Lists of Waters as Category 4c for “Impairment not Caused by a Pollutant.”  This impairment is for exotic species.

Weston & Sampson evaluated the watershed for potential sites for Best Management Practices (BMP) and developed a priority list of ten sites in the watershed to install these stormwater BMPs.

Utilizing the priority list of BMPs, a joint application from Ashland and Framingham to the Commonwealth’s s. 319 program was prepared.  The project strategy consisted of construction of Low Impact Development (LID) BMPs to capture and remove phosphorous and sediment from stormwater before it enters the pond, and promote infiltration while simultaneously addressing non-point source issues through a public education campaign to reduce/manage abutter fertilizer use and establish lakeside vegetative buffers.  The three priority sites consisted of the following:

  • 4 to 5 raingardens/tree filters in Framingham
  • 4 to 5 raingardens/tree filters in Ashland
  • One permeable pavement boat launching area in Ashland

The application was submitted to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection for consideration and the town received nearly $100,000 in funding.


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