Photogrammetric Mapping, LiDAR, and Imagery Services for SCDOT

Weston & Sampson performed airborne light detection and ranging (LiDAR) low-altitude mapping and survey services for SCDOT task order 4 - Batesville Road.

The planimetric and bare earth DTM mapping was produced to 0.05’-0.1’ vertical accuracies on all paved surfaces and in compliance with Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) Geospatial Positioning Accuracy Standards and applicable extensions and revisions for vertical accuracies on soft surfaces.

List of Deliverables:

  • Signed and sealed photogrammetric certification project report
  • Statistics report of LiDAR data (showing density and Z RMSE)
  • Color digital orthophotos @ 0.25’ pixel in tif and SID formats
  • Color digital orthophoto mosaic in tif and SID formats
  • 2D planimetric MicroStation CADD file (.dgn)
  • 3D bare earth DTM MicroStation file (.dgn)
  • 3D bridge DTM MicroStation file (.dgn)
  • GeoPak bare earth DTM triangulated integrated network file (.tin)
  • Calibrated and classified LAS tiles (available, if requested)
  • Bare earth LAS files (available gridded or all points, if requested)
  • 5’ grid ascii


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