New Bathhouse Design and Permitting — Hudson, MA

Comprehensive Refurbishment of Amenities at Centennial Beach

Weston & Sampson was retained by the Town of Hudson to provide design and permitting services for the refurbishment of Centennial Beach located at Fort Meadow Lake. The site has long been popular during summer months for swimming, sun bathing, non-motorized boating, and general recreation. Generations of children have learned to swim at Centennial Beach. Amenities include a 350-foot shoreline, sandy beach, shaded picnic area, parking area, and bathhouse (consisting of public restrooms, staff area, and equipment storage). Most amenities had fallen into a state of disrepair due to heavy use and the impacts of higher intensity storms.

Final designs for the refurbishment include the construction of a new bathhouse, open air pavilion space, and restoration of the old bathhouse for storage. Site improvements include the introduction of new stormwater management systems, landscape interventions to control erosion, a fully accessible system of pathways, reconfigured parking, and beach restoration and enhancement efforts. The improvements are intended to make the facility multi-generational and inclusive for all residents, and adjustments to the gate system and parking lot configuration will enhance year-round use and enjoyment.

The Hudson Community Preservation Committee approved $1.8M in funding for the project. Weston & Sampson developed final design documents and obtained permits for construction.


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