Water Main Design and Construction Management

Replacing Belmont's Water Mains

Weston & Sampson was selected by the Town of Belmont to complete a water system evaluation in the early 1990s with frequent updates throughout the next two decades. The resulting report recommended an annual water distribution system Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Since the start of the CIP , we have assisted Belmont in replacing more than 22 miles of 8- and 12-inch water main totaling approximately $15 million.

The project's focus has been on improving water mains in areas of poor water quality, inadequate fire flows, and chronic water main breaks. We incorporated special considerations into the design for the high concentrations of clay in the soils of many of these roads.

Weston & Sampson provided resident inspection and construction administration services for the first five annual projects.  We then trained town personnel to provide these services for subsequent projects. One of the water main design projects included installation of high density polyethylene pipe via pipe bursting technology.


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