Public Works Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study for the Town of Bloomfield's DPW Facility

The Town of Bloomfield’s existing 1960s-era DPW facility is well built and maintained and sits on a large site. Although the facility has served the town well over the years, it is no longer adequate enough to meet the needs of a town that has grown substantially since the facility originally went into service.

Weston & Sampson evaluated the current fleet and maintenance operations and current facility needs of the Bloomfield Department of Public Works (DPW) and, in partnership with the DPW administration and the town’s facility planner, determined that additional space was needed in addition to renovations to modernize the existing facility and position the DPW for continued success through the next fifty years of operation.

The existing 35,000 square foot facility lacked maintenance areas, indoor vehicle and equipment storage space, administrative areas, and modern employee facilities. Our study pointed toward a substantial renovation of the existing facilities to improve and modernize the vehicle maintenance operations and workshop functions, provide code-related safety improvements such as full fire sprinkler protection and CO/NO2 gas extraction, and provide ADA-accessible men’s and women’s locker/bathroom facilities.

The major additions to the facility consist of a separate administration wing and four additional vehicle maintenance bays, which are proposed for construction prior to the renovation of the existing facility. This proposed phasing of construction activities will allow for the “swing” space essential to maintaining continuous department operations throughout the project. Along with the new building additions, proposed plans include a stand-alone vehicle wash building, canopy structures to protect the vehicles and equipment stored outdoors, and an above-ground vehicle fueling island with a canopy for a total of 24,000 square feet of new construction.

It is estimated that the total project will cost $9.9 million, inclusive of site development and project soft costs.


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