Climate Resilient Design Guidelines for Boston

City of Boston Climate Resilient Design Standards & Guidelines

In October 2018 City of Boston Mayor Marty Walsh announced the release of the City of Boston Climate Resilient Design Standards and Guidelines for Protection of Public Rights-of-Way during his annual address to the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce. Weston & Sampson worked with the City of Boston Public Works Dept, Environment Department, and Planning and Development Agency to develop these guidelines for the city.

The guidelines are organized to intuitively lead users through the process of designing flood protection for projected climate conditions while evaluating applicable design considerations, operation and maintenance procedures, and related costs. The guidelines present four sample barrier types: Vegetated Berm, Harborwalk with a raised seawall, Raised Roadway, and Deployable Flood Barriers.

For more information about Weston & Sampson's Climate Resiliency services, click here.

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