Weston & Sampson provides brewers with the technical know-how to navigate through the sometimes-confusing maze of wastewater regulations to provide solutions that are right-sized for the client and provide maximum value. Our experience in the municipal and industrial wastewater industry gives us a strong background in the technologies that are appropriate for each brewer’s specific circumstances. We often begin our work with an economic feasibility analysis of multiple methods of managing wastewater, including the design of temporary holding tanks and pre-treatment systems.

For example, at the Woodstock Inn Brewery in New Hampshire, significant municipal sewer surcharges were assessed when their old pre-treatment system failed to adequately reduce the biological oxygen demand (BOD) load of their wastewater. By providing them with a new system that incorporated much of the old infrastructure, they not only avoided the surcharges but were able to stay focused on what they do best: brewing beer.

Depending on a brewery’s particular location, size, and operations, the most economical solution is not always readily apparent. With a modest up-front effort to fully understand the details, Weston & Sampson is able to provide maximum value.

Some of our brewery clients include:

The Alchemist Brewery / Lawson’s Finest Liquids / von Trapp Brewing / Woodstock Inn Brewery / Great Marsh Brewing Company / Tree House Brewing Company

Thank you for your ongoing work, professionalism and commitment to our Waterbury brewery and our planned brewery in Stowe. You have made this process as streamlined and manageable as possible. The support has been incredible.
– Jen Kimmich Alchemy Holding, LLC

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Brewery Permitting Services
  • Wastewater system and potable water supply permitting
  • Pretreatment discharge permitting
  • Negotiating water and wastewater allocations
  • Water system construction and design permitting
  • State-specific permitting assistance (i.e. ACT 250 - VT)
  • Indirect discharge permitting
  • Residuals management
Brewery Wastewater Services
  • Developing and implementing sampling plans for permit compliance
  • Piloting of treatment process equipment
  • Design of pH adjustment systems
  • Design of biological pretreatment systems to reduce wastewater strength
  • Evaluation of indirect discharge systems and leach fields for on-site wastewater disposal
  • Developing waste management plans for high strength byproducts
Brewery Water Services
  • Water filtration system design

News & Highlights

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Wastewater Permitting and Pre-Treatment for Lawson's Finest Liquids ACEC-VT Engineering Excellence Merit Award - Weston & Sampson's Brewery Wastewater Pre-Treatment system for Lawson's Finest Liquids recently received a 2020 Special Project Merit Award from ACEC-VT.  

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