Brewery Landscape Architecture

Designing a Unique Client Experience at a Texas Brewery

Our client, a lifestyle management company, retained Weston & Sampson as part of a team along with Shelton Architecture to design a unique client experience at a new brewery in Texas. The site includes “hill country” grass and trees that slope down to a creek. In an effort to bring their brand of “relentless optimism” to the brewing industry, our client’s vision was to create a place not just for tasting craft beer, but also one for making new experiences.

To create a desired diversity of experiences, our team’s design focuses on three main elements: the grand entry, the backyard beer garden, and a wooded events area towards the lower edge of the site that protects and celebrates a stand of old growth Heritage Oak trees. In each of these spaces, the landscape design blurs the boundary between built and found conditions, transforming this 2 ½-acre lot into a unique venue for sipping brews, connecting with one another, and enjoying views.

The new brewery includes an entry plaza that serves double duty as both a private events space and a fitness area. The design also includes an adventure path system that allows guests to roam the grounds; seating and paths that highlight existing heritage trees; and a beer garden with an events stage, outdoor games, a private events deck, and amphitheater seating. Each of these design elements bolsters the clients’ ambition to have this area serve as a large-scale event venue experience. Rounding out the design, there is also a small orchard, the fruits of which will be incorporated into the brewery’s “farm to table” restaurant menu along with supplementary products from the adjacent greenhouse.


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