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Five Weston & Sampson professionals are participating in the Jabiro Suspended Bridge build in Rwanda. We are joined by volunteers from Mott MacDonald in Canada, and are supported as well by the Bridges to Prosperity headquarters staff. Finally, companies and participants from the local community of Jabiro will be our collaborators.

Our team is excited and preparing for our Bridges to Prosperity (B2P) project, building the Jabiro Bridge on the Miguramo River and serving nearby communities of approximately 7,500 people! The site is located in the southern province of Rwanda, close to the western border. It is about a 2-hour drive west from the capital city of Kigali. It is also about half-way between Kigali and Lake Kivu - the lake on the western-most edge of the country.

Closeup Map of Jabiro location in Rwanda
Map of Jabiro location in Rwanda

B2P’s belief that rural isolation is the root cause of poverty, and that connection is a foundation for opportunity spurs our collective purpose. Bridges are an efficient way to transform rural community economies like Jabiro’s, in addition to providing safe, year-round access to essential services such as healthcare, education, and markets.

As we prepare to engage with the local community, we are learning more about their traditions and practices. In Rwanda, “Umuganda” is community work where family, friends and neighbors, in collaboration with local authority, come together to clean up their neighborhood; create an access road; or build someone a house. It is held every last Saturday of the month, during which time travel by car or motorbike is minimized. This cultural practice of communal work aligns with B2P's mission, and as B2P volunteers we are honored to participate in Umuganda by building this community bridge!

Photo of group working, courtesy of Bridges to Prosperity
Photo of group walking, courtesy of Bridges to Prosperity
Photo of woman and family, courtesy of Bridges to Prosperity
Photo of people crossing bridge, courtesy of Bridges to Prosperity

With November 25th fast approaching, our team is gearing up for an incredible journey of community building and cultural exchange. We’ll be delighted to meet and get to know the local Rwandans and say “Mwaramutse!” or Good Morning in Kinyarwanda, the native language of Rwanda.

We hope you’ll follow along on our journey.

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