Brownfields and Demolition Assistance

Brownfields and Demolition Assistance with Prime Tanning Site

Weston & Sampson is currently providing technical assistance, including the preparation of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfields assessment and cleanup grants, to the Town of Berwick on the Prime Tanning Site. A trusted advisor to the town through our extensive work on EPA Brownfields related tasks over the past two years , Weston & Sampson has provided the following services to the town:


  • Participated on the Envision Berwick Committee in town to provide environmental and EPA programmatic advice.
  • Attended numerous public meetings with town personnel and Board of Selectmen to discuss the Prime Tanning redevelopment.
  • Assisted with the development of a public-private partnership agreement between the current owner of Prime Tanning and the town, which allowed the town to acquire site by tax foreclosure.
  • Assisted with the preparation of three EPA Brownfield Cleanup Grants totaling $600,000.


Once the EPA Brownfields Cleanup grants were obtained from EPA, Weston & Sampson, together with Credere Associates, LLC, won a competitive bid process to become the town’s Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP). Weston & Sampson’s role is to provide a demolition design for three site parcels that are dominated by old mill buildings. Challenges include the demolition of buildings interconnected with other buildings that will stay and be redeveloped. Weston & Sampson also provided the necessary permitting assistance during the project and developed plans and specifications for public bid of the demolition.


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