New DPW and Parks & Recreation Facility – Burlington, MA

Weston & Sampson prepared final design documents for a new DPW Facility and Parks & Recreation Facility for the Town of Burlington.

The project includes the construction of two buildings on adjacent sites to support the municipal operations. The facilities will be constructed in phases to allow the departments to remain operational throughout construction. Work included documenting existing conditions/deficiencies, preparing a space needs assessment, developing conceptual alternatives, preparing final design documents, assisting with the bidding process, and providing construction administration services.

The project consists of a 28,500 square foot facility for vehicle maintenance and parks & recreation operations and a 37,700 square foot facility for DPW administration, highway, water, and sewer operations. The project is currently under construction.

Our team designed the facilities with the following key program types:

  • office / office support space
  • employee facilities (locker/shower/toilet/break and training)
  • trade shops
  • vehicle maintenance
  • vehicle wash
  • vehicle and equipment storage areas



LOCATION: Burlington, MA


  • programming
  • existing conditions assessment
  • building and site alternatives development
  • final design
  • cost estimating
  • bidding & construction administration
  • phased construction

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