Capital Improvement Program

Capital Improvement Program for Newton's Wastewater Collection System

Weston & Sampson worked with the city of Newton to develop an 11-year capital improvement program for the city’s wastewater collection system. The program began by assembling a committee of critical city employees and aldermen, with a Weston & Sampson technical expert.

Under our guidance and support, the group established program goals and objectives. A critical step in the process was the development of a comprehensive GIS map that displayed data from all previous sewer system evaluations and construction projects, and a series of maps to show the proposed capital improvement program. These maps were a powerful tool for selling the program vision to the community.

Weston & Sampson evaluated flow monitoring data, pipe age and material, underdrain locations, water quality sampling data, location of previous rehabilitation efforts, operation and maintenance history, and back-up and overflow data to create the initial program areas. The areas were reviewed and refined by the committee, presented to important community groups, prioritized, and presented to the full board of aldermen. The alderman approved a $49 million, 11-year capital improvement program that will investigate, evaluate, and design cost-effective improvements for more than 1.2 million feet of sewer infrastructure.

The following projects are part of this program:

  • Project 1 - Investigation and evaluation of 110,000 feet of sewer
  • Project 1 rehabilitation
  • Project 2  - Investigation and evaluation of 127,000 feet of sewer
  • Project 2 rehabilitation
  • Projects 3 and 4 - Investigation and evaluation of 260,000 feet of sewer


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