Capital Improvement Programs

Various Capital Improvement Plans

Weston & Sampson has worked with numerous municipalities and agencies to create Capital Improvement Plans for water systems. Among them:

Quincy Comprehensive Water System Evaluation and Master Plan

Weston & Sampson conducted a study of the entire Quincy water system. The study involved the development of an extensive database inventory of 240 miles of water main. We developed a capital improvement program that included replacing deficient water mains and cleaning and lining unlined water mains in the system. Completion of the entire plan of improvements was scheduled over the next 30 years.

Walpole Capital Improvement Program

Weston & Sampson completed a master plan for the town’s water system. We made recommendations to alleviate distribution system deficiencies related to fire flow protection. The recommendations, many of which were designed by Weston & Sampson, included water main replacement, cleaning and lining, pumping station improvements, and a new booster pumping station.

Ashland Asset Management and Capital Improvements

Critical assets with low remaining useful life estimations were prioritized for rehabilitation and included in a capital improvement plan developed for a particular project. The project also focused on providing a financial assessment of water system’s expenses and revenues, and the ability of the current water rate structure to fund system improvements. Weston & Sampson made recommendations on a future funding strategy based on these findings.


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