Capital Improvements to Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park

In close collaboration with the city, Weston & Sampson developed a strategic design and construction plan for the renovation of Riverfront Park in Springfield. Our team worked closely with representatives from the city and the general public to implement significant capital improvements at this 7-acre park located along the Connecticut River. Riverfront Park offers a prime location along the water for both active and passive recreational opportunities, and it forms a critical link between other linear park resources to the north and south.

Weston & Sampson implemented a comprehensive public outreach and engagement process to identify a series of renovation/restoration strategies that leveraged the unique assets of this riverfront property and provided compelling park upgrades and infrastructure improvements. Redevelopment of the park included universal accessibility and site/pedestrian access and connectivity; to other key open space assets to the north and to the south park amenities (i.e., benches, picnic tables, bike racks, etc.); horticultural and landscaping improvements; an interactive water feature; and new signage, performance spaces, lighting, and utility connections. A 9/11 memorial was also integrated into the overall plan.


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