Catch Basin Inventory Program

Development of Catch Basin Inventory Program and GIS

Weston & Sampson assisted the City of Worcester in developing a catch basin inventory program that facilitates tracking, monitoring, and reporting required by the EPA.

To provide data relative to tracking, our technicians developed a cost-effective mobile data collection solution based on our iDataCollect software. The city’s 10 dredger trucks are outfitted with truck-mounted iPads in rugged cases to allow operators easy access for field data entry. By electronically capturing and storing data, the city can now quickly and easily report on total tons of debris removed by date range, truck, driver, and a variety of other fields.

By uploading the field data directly into their GIS, the city is able to track cleaning frequency and illegal dumping events more accurately than with an older paper-based system, and can better prioritize and managed needed work based on the detailed data. In addition, the system is designed with custom reporting capabilities.


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