Chloramines Upgrades

Chloramine Improvements to Peabody's Water Treatment Plants

Weston & Sampson designed upgrades to Peabody’s two water treatment plants, the Winona and Coolidge plants, to enable the city to feed chloramines to its treated water. The upgrades will help the city maintain a chlorine residual and reduce disinfection byproducts in the distribution system.

Upgrades included replacing the chlorine gas system at the Winona water treatment plant with a liquid sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) system, construction of ammonium sulfate facilities at both plants, addition of new bulk and day tanks, and analyzers for separately dosing chlorine to the finished water pre- and post-clearwell.  The temporary sodium aluminate at the Winona plant was upgraded to a permanent system to aid in the coagulation process.  All chemical feed upgrades were constructed in compliance with new chemical feed regulations.

Weston & Sampson added new chemical feed control panels in both plants. New and upgraded chemical feed systems were added to the control panel that communicates with the SCADA computer through Ethernet. Weston & Sampson also programmed the chemical feed panels and the SCADA system, replaced the aging SCADA computers, and upgraded IFix software at both plants.


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