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Civil Site Design Services for Building Renovation and Additions to Automobile Dealership

Weston & Sampson provided geotechnical, environmental, and civil site design services for a building renovation and additions to the existing Pride Motor Group Kia Dealership at 793 Lynnway in Lynn, Massachusetts. The existing automobile dealership was updated and expanded to a combined footprint of 11,300 square-feet.

Weston & Sampson provided civil engineering site design services including storm water modeling, design of the storm water drainage and treatment facilities, grading improvements, pavement design, lighting improvements, and associated drawings, details, and construction estimates. Environmental services included a review of environmental site history, preparation of a summary report, and recommendations for additional work as necessary. The environmental review identified the site as being in an area of urban fill and recommended screening for concentrations of metals during the geotechnical subsurface investigation program.

Weston & Sampson planned, coordinated, and monitored a geotechnical investigation program, including environmental screening, to evaluate subsurface conditions for foundation design at the building additions. The investigation program consisted of four borings in proposed building addition areas and two test pits adjacent to the existing structures to observe foundation configuration. Subsurface explorations confirmed the presence of sand fill, organic silt, peat, and debris to depths up to 16 ft. The fill was underlain by a 10 to 15 ft. thick layer of sand over a thick deposit of soft clay. Based on observations from the test pits, the existing structures were supported on driven timber piles and the ground had settled several inches beneath the pile caps since construction.

Weston & Sampson completed engineering analyses and provided geotechnical recommendations for support of new structures on pressure injected footings (PIFs) founded in the sand layer between the fill and soft clay deposit. Recommendations for design and construction of a structural floor slab, retaining walls, site preparation, and earthwork construction were also provided.

Weston & Sampson provided field monitoring and consulting services during construction to document conformance with project specifications, civil site design, and geotechnical recommendations. Full-time monitoring during PIF installation was completed to ensure adequate foundation capacity and penetration into the sand layer.


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