Closed Landfill O&M Services

Topsfield Landfill Post-Closure O&M

The Town of Topsfield selected Weston & Sampson to perform landfill post-closure operation and maintenance (O&M) services. O&M services include semi-annual groundwater and surface water sampling and analysis, along with quarterly landfill gas monitoring in accordance with Massachusetts landfill post-closure monitors requirements 310 CMR 19.132 and 19.142. In addition, Weston & Sampson monitors the ambient air at the landfill for organic compounds to demonstrate compliance with the post-closure use permit. As discussed below, the Weston & Sampson landfill closure design incorporated recreation/sports fields on top of the landfill. Semi-annual inspections of the landfill cover system are also conducted to ensure that the landfill cap integrity is not compromised by erosion or differential settlement.

Prior to conducting O&M at the landfill, Weston & Sampson prepared the landfill closure design and evaluated post-closure use options and layouts for a recreational facility with recreation/sports fields, riding trails, an amphitheater, playground, mountain bike trail, and ancillary features for an accessible multi-use site. The former landfill site also adjoins the town conservation land (wetlands), which required careful consideration in all development scenarios.

Weston & Sampson developed preliminary final closure grades in accordance with Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) regulations, and provided a base grade for park development that minimized impacts during park construction (i.e., minimized fill requirements to satisfy the flatter grades required for playing fields). Weston & Sampson also incorporated landfill closure issues pertaining to drainage and stormwater management into the final park features.

Weston & Sampson’s engineering design for the capping of the landfill provided the Town of Topsfield with the necessary information for bonding and funding of the post-closure use.


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