Closed Landfill & Transfer Station O&M Services

Marshfield Closed Landfill & Transfer Station O&M

The Town of Marshfield, Massachusetts selected Weston & Sampson to provide operation and maintenance (O&M) services for their closed landfill and the town’s transfer station. Landfill O&M services include semi-annual groundwater, surface water, and sediment sampling and analysis along with quarterly monitoring of soil gas for landfill gas parameters such as methane, hydrogen sulfide, and volatile organic compounds.

In addition, Weston & Sampson monitors the integrity of the landfill cover system for erosion and differential settlement. The transfer station is also inspected for compliance with Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) permit on a bi-monthly basis. Landfill and transfer station monitoring activities are reported to DEP on a regular basis in accordance with Massachusetts Solid Waste Regulations.

Prior to the post-closure monitoring, Weston & Sampson conducted landfill closure project tasks including design, permitting, and construction management of an impermeable cap and associated drainage and erosion control appurtenances for the landfill. The design allowed for closure of the landfill in two phases in order for the town to complete filling operations in a portion of the landfill. Cap details included a gas vent layer, a 40-mil impermeable cover, a sand drainage layer, and a vegetative support layer. Landfill gas was managed through the installation of passive gas vents.

Design and construction of the solid waste transfer station coincided with closure activities at the landfill. The transfer station design included new scales and scale house, separate commercial and public waste drop-off areas, a recycling center, and a swap area. The transfer station allowed all waste to be transferred inside a pre-engineered metal building.


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