College Plaza

Putney Hall Outdoor Plaza

Putney Hall’s outdoor plaza is part of an ongoing effort by Babson College to transform under-utilized outdoor areas into public open space for students, faculty, and visitors. Putney Hall, in particular, serves as a residence hall nexus and active pedestrian passage between the upper and lower areas of campus as well as a secondary entrance to the campus by visitors.

Our design creates a middle terrace to serve an outdoor social space for the students. Organized through linear bands of paving, planting, and seating walls, the design echoes student movement and weaves together the various elevations and surrounding uses to create a campus node.  Artisan-built stone walls are strategically placed to preserve existing mature oaks on the site while a combination of permeable pavers and recessed planting beds collect stormwater.

The planting scheme is informed by the existing microclimatic conditions. It utilizes a simple palate of ferns, juncus, and honey locust trees that contrast with the existing mature oaks to create a unified space.


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