Commonwealth Avenue Statue Improvements

Site work and electrical improvements

Since 2019, Weston & Sampson has been working with several consultant teams to support the Friends of the Public Garden’s efforts to improve the statues along Commonwealth Avenue Mall with the installation of permanent lighting. To date, our team of landscape architects, site/civil engineers, and electrical engineers has helped update six of the statues along the mall by providing a range of site work and electrical upgrades.

  • At the Domingo Faustino Sarmiento statue, created by Yvette Compagnion, our efforts included the installation of a low wrought iron fence to match the style used in the Public Garden, informational memorial plaques, paving improvements, plantings, and engineering to support statue uplighting.
  • For the sculpture of William Lloyd Garrison, crafted by Olin Levi Warner in 1886, our team provided plaza space improvements, electrical design/installation work for inset lighting, and paving.
  • At the statue of Samuel Eliot Morrison, sculpted by Penelope Jencks in 1982, we supported the uplighting efforts with electrical engineering/design services, re-cobbled the statue surround, and corrected the drainage issues at the site.
  • Weston & Sampson’s work at the Patrick Andrew Collins statue, sculpted by Henry and Theo Alice Kitson in 1908, was the most involved; our services included plantings, repaving, granite block replacement, and electrical updates for the inset lighting.
  • At the statue of John Glover, sculpted by Martin Milmore in 1875, and the statue of Alexander Hamilton, sculpted by Dr. William Rimmer in 1865, our team delivered simple statue surround improvements along with electrical upgrades to support the lighting effort.

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