Comprehensive Athletic Fields Master Plan

Comprehensive Athletic Fields Master Plan for the Town of Walpole

Weston & Sampson was retained to complete a comprehensive Athletic Fields Master Plan for the Town of Walpole. The town funded the work in order to assess current field properties that provide critical outlets for athletic competition and enjoyment for youth and adult residents of the community.

Of significant importance were the recreation needs for the entire community. Walpole’s fields serve permitted sports leagues as well as less formal recreational pursuits, like a pickup game of football, baseball or soccer. The athletic and recreation facilities must also serve the multi-generational population of the community. Therefore, Weston & Sampson developed a master plan that identifies strategies for improving field opportunities for residents of all ages.

Weston & Sampson engaged the Walpole sports community in a public dialogue to further establish and confirm the community’s needs, preferences and priorities in relation to the future renovation and restoration of each property. Our landscape architects then developed concept plans for each property that were prepared specifically in response to community needs and preferences in order to be endorsed by both community participants and the town representatives in the form of a “preferred” plan for each property. Budgets were established as well as phasing, funding and implementation strategies for all desired property enhancements.

Weston & Sampson’s team of engineers and designers also identified opportunities for implementing low-impact development techniques, preservation and restoration of unique or important environmental features, and enhanced stormwater management techniques that deliver rainfall runoff back to the earth beneath the various sites.


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