Comprehensive Master Plan

Rockwood Field

The City of Worcester Department of Public Works and Parks engaged Weston & Sampson and began collaboration with community stakeholders to develop a com­prehensive Master Plan for the Rockwood Field property. The Master Plan addressed the entire Rockwood Field parcel, which encompasses nearly 16 acres of land, including several acres of undeveloped land located along the southern perimeter of the site. The undeveloped area contains a brook, wetlands, and steeply sloping and wooded terrain.
The final plan presented to the Worcester Parks Commission reflects the desire of most community participants to achieve the following:
  • Reduce im­pacts (noise, light spillage, trash, traffic cir­culation, parking, and aesthetic issues) for residential abutters during peak field use periods
  • Improve the passive and active facilities for residential abutters, youth sports leagues and for residents of the city at large
  • Improve facilities shared with Worcester State College athletic programs in exchange for College funding of capital improvements, assisting in facility maintenance
  • Enhance overall aesthetics of the property
  • Improve pas­sive recreational and educa­tional opportunities
  • Enhance environmental features and create an attractive and safe setting for recreational pursuits throughout the year for all residents
  • Implement storm drainage management measures and facilities to improve playing conditions and reduce flooding at the park site and to down stream abutters

The master plan is being realized through phased construction. Weston & Sampson prepared documents for the construction of the full-size baseball and softball diamonds and assisted the city with construction administra­tion oversight.



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