Comprehensive Master Plan

Crompton Park

The City of Worcester engaged Weston & Sampson to complete a comprehensive Master Plan for Crompton Park, a 15-acre property located within the Green Island Neighborhood. Our design team facilitated a highly suc­cessful public participation process in which park stakeholders voiced opinions on a wide range of topics related to park maintenance, recreation programming, security, being “greener,” existing facility conditions, and new facility needs.

With guidance from the community, a final Master Plan was adopted. When imple­mented, many community objectives will have been achieved including:

  • Improved recreational facilities (courts, fields, playgrounds)
  • Improved park aesthetics
  • A balance between active and passive recreation
  • New facilities that foster community interaction
  • A cleaner, safer park
  • A “greener” park
  • Improved access and circulation
  • A park setting that is multi-ethnic, multi-generational and ADA compliant
  • Historical and cultural enhancements

Of particular note, the Master Plan estab­lishes an innovative spine of children’s play spaces that follow a single, central corridor running through the middle of the park. Also within this spine are a series of com­munity spaces that provide opportunities for a wide range of formal and informal social activities.


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