Comprehensive Master Planning Process

Newton Highlands

Weston & Sampson was selected by the Newton Parks & Recre­ation Department to complete a comprehensive master planning process for the Newton Highlands Playground and Newton Upper Falls Playground. The purpose of this master plan is to provide a preferred site improvements plan that reflects the needs of these two diverse communities. This plan will serve as a guide for all future development of this park, as well as a tool to secure funding from various private, city, state, and federal sources.

Weston & Sampson collaborated with the Newton Parks & Recreation Department to develop conceptual and final “Preferred” master plans for both properties. These were generated in response to the needs of the city as expressed by various com­munity representatives at a series of public hearings and through the issuance of a comprehensive Park User Survey.

During our research on these properties we discovered historic photographs and images of old plans that informed our ap­proach to the planning for Newton Upper Falls Playground.


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