Comprehensive Services for Bridge Replacement

Engineering Services for the S-22/S-98 Bridge Replacement Project over the Enoree River

Weston & Sampson was chosen through a competitive selection process to provide engineering services for the S-22/S-98 Bridge Replacement project over the Enoree River in Union and Laurens Counties in South Carolina.

The project includes all planning, design, environmental, geotechnical, and construction phase services. The existing bridge carries two 9 foot lanes of traffic and consists of 27 spans for a total bridge length of 535 feet. The 168-ft channel span consists of a steel through truss superstructure supported on steel HP pile bents. The superstructure was built in 1929, relocated to the present location in 1958, and has been designated as both structurally deficient and functionally obsolete.

Weston & Sampson provided a detailed Bridge Hydraulic Report and a Bridge Type Study and made recommendations on the proposed bridge design. The proposed bridge consists of four spans for a total bridge length of 540 feet with sand-lightweight concrete deck slab supported on 72” modified bulb tee beams. The lowest chord elevation was raised by approximately 4 feet to allow for passage of the 50-year storm with 2 feet of freeboard. The realigned bridge approaches are 1,568 feet in Laurens County and 2,546 feet in Union County.

Project tasks include demolition of the existing bridge and construction of the replacement bridge while utilizing the existing right of way. A 20 mile temporary detour will be available for daily traffic.

The project is currently under construction with an anticipated completion date of June 2017.



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