Consolidated Municipal Services Facility

Study, Design and Construction Administration for Consolidated DPW Facility

Weston & Sampson prepared a feasibility study, design documents, and construction administration services for a new 56,000-square foot consolidated Municipal Services Facility (Department of Public Works). Work included conducting a feasibility study to identify the current and future needs of the municipal department operations, ‘selling’ the project to town officials and the public, preparing construction documents for public bidding, and providing construction administration services.

The new facility includes offices, employee facilities (locker/shower/toilet, lunch/break/training facilities), trade shops, vehicle maintenance, vehicle wash, and vehicle/equipment storage. Work also included designing support structures (i.e., salt storage structure, central fueling facility, bulk material handling area, and covered/canopy storage). The building incorporates sustainable design features including natural daylighting, a solar-ready roof, heat recovery, and high-efficiency lighting. Stormwater runoff is managed onsite using a variety of best management practices to mitigate peak flows, protect water quality, and provide groundwater recharge. These best management practices include deep sump hooded catch basins, oil-grit separators, vegetated infiltration basins, underground stormwater recharge chambers, sediment forebays, and bioretention areas.


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