Construction Engineering and Inspection of Highway Paving

Pavement Preservation Along I-95 in Connecticut

Weston & Sampson was retained by the Connecticut Department of Transportation to provide construction engineering and inspection services for state project no. 94-255, which encompassed an area along Interstate 95 Northbound and Southbound in the City of New London and stretched into the City of Groton on Northbound Interstate 95, a distance of approximately 2.19 miles. The Northbound I-95 direction of the Gold Star Bridge was included within these limits. The project also included several frontage roads from the Town of Waterford extending northerly to the approach of the Gold Star Bridge.

The mainline I-95 pavement was milled and replaced with HMA and PMA. Pavements of frontage roads were milled curb to curb and new PMA was placed. Bridge wearing surfaces were also milled and replaced, and expansion joints were replaced. Finally, new traffic signal detectors and pavement markings were installed.

All Construction Engineering and Inspection services were provided in accordance with the requirements contained in ConnDOT’s Construction Engineering and Inspection Information Pamphlet for Consulting Engineers dated August 2008 (Pamphlet), and ConnDOT’s Construction Manual, version 2.1, dated April 2009 (Manual). The main objective of the CE&I services provided by Weston & Sampson was to assure that the activities of each contractor were performed in accordance with the Contract Documents, design intent, and requirements of all agencies having jurisdiction over the projects.

This project was initiated in April of 2015 and was completed in the fall of 2015. The inspection services cost was $689,000 and the construction bid cost was $6,997,965.


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