Construction Management

Construction Management and Alternative Delivery Management

Weston & Sampson was selected through a private competitive bidding process to design, build and operate a 100,000 gpd WWTF with groundwater discharge. This project represented the initial phase construction that would eventually be expanded to process 400,000 gpd of wastewater flow from a newly constructed development. The project also included the design and construction of nearly five miles of sewer collection system piping and two wastewater pumping stations. For this large private development project, we:

  • worked with the client on site selection
  • assisted with the extensive permitting required to gain approval for the project
  • coordinated all the local and state permitting, construction and schedule for the project
  • acted as the owners project manager for the project duration, including processing payment requisitions and change orders
  • provided management services for the procurement construction of the water treatment, storage and distribution system.


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