Culvert Replacement and Embankment Repair

Comprehensive Services for Culvert and Embankment Repair on Bardwells Ferry Road

The Town of Conway selected Weston & Sampson to complete survey, design, permitting, bidding and construction services for the repair of an existing culvert and embankment on Bardwells Ferry Road.  The existing 36-inch RCP culvert had failed at both the inlet and outlet end of the pipe resulting in backup of water on the inlet side of the culvert and an embankment failure on the downstream side of the culvert.  The existing embankment is a 50-foot high slope at a slope steeper than 1:5 to 1 in many areas.  The culvert failure resulted in a partial closure of the roadway.

Weston & Sampson conducted preliminary meetings with regulatory agencies and land owners to establish what could be done and then developed and permitted the plans for the culvert and embankment repair.  Work included survey, television inspection of the culvert to verify the condition, soil borings, geotechnical evaluation, preliminary design, final design and related construction services.

Construction included the following:

  • Installation of a new 15-high precast concrete retaining wall to lessen the embankment slope.  Final slope restoration was grass and native species mix.
  • Repair of the inlet and outlet of the culvert with new proper scour protection.
  • Repair of the roadway including new drainage, road reconstruction, and guard rail.
  • Installation of a new access road on private property to allow for access to the culvert for maintenance.


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