Integrated MEP Design

Comprehensive Wastewater Design Including Electrical and HVAC

In 2011, the Derby WPCA retained Weston & Sampson to complete a Wastewater Facilities Plan for the city, while also looking at the possibility of regionalizing the wastewater system with the surrounding communities.  The driver for the Wastewater Facilities Plan was the rapidly deteriorating infrastructure at the Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) and wastewater pumping stations.  Another key factor influencing the Wastewater Facilities Planning process was the planned re-development of the City Downtown Area and the interconnection of large developments from two of the adjacent communities.

In February 2015, the city retained the services of Weston & Sampson to begin the design of the upgrades to the WPCF as well as the replacement of the Roosevelt Drive Wastewater Pumping Station.

Weston & Sampson is currently providing engineering design services for several different wastewater components, including upgrades to the collection system piping throughout the city, the design of new solids dewatering facilities, and design of upgrades and replacements to several wastewater pumping stations. These efforts include many of the multi-discipline capabilities of the firm, including electrical and instrumentation design, HVAC, water and wastewater process design, geotechnical, structural, and architectural design. Our team has also provided energy audit studies, renewable energy feasibility, and design work.


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