Corrective Action Plan and Demolition Services

Corrective Action Plan (CAP), including Demolition of Former Fonda/Solo Container Facility

Weston & Sampson was selected to permit, design, and implement a Corrective Action Plan (CAP), including demolition, hazardous materials abatement, and site restoration of the former Fonda/Solo Container Facility. The project site includes two lots totaling 5.5 acres and contains three contiguous buildings that total 120,000 square feet. Following completion of CAP implementation, Weston & Sampson met with city officials and the city’s planning consultant on numerous occasions to discuss options for redevelopment planning. The first option considered utilizing the land for a 0.75 MW solar farm. This option was precluded to take advantage of local tax incentives with a proposed light industrial complex, as shown in the rendering above.


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