Dickinson Street Slope Stabilization

The Springfield Department of Public Works contacted Weston & Sampson to provide engineering assistance related to a slope failure on Dickinson Street. Our staff mobilized immediately and was on site within hours to observe site conditions and the commencement of emergency operations. Construction engineering staff mobilized to the site and began documenting activities, staffing, and materials to help the city manage and verify invoicing for emergency response contractors.

Weston & Sampson sent construction engineers and inspectors, geotechnical engineers, site/civil and utility engineers, and a drone pilot and UAV to the site.

Upon investigation, we found that a failure in the drainage piping at the bottom of the roadway slope had led to a washout condition causing the slope to fail. The drainage and slope failures were triggered by a late afternoon thunderstorm that exceeded the capacity of the drainage piping installed within the roadway’s embankment.

Weston & Sampson’s design team evaluated the city’s roadway drainage system components and made recommendations for repair and stabilization of the system, including re-routing of the drainage from the adjacent Trafton Road neighborhood. While the drainage system repairs were being made, our team’s geotechnical and site/civil engineering staff assessed site conditions and quickly began the design of slope stabilization measures and an access pathway. Ultimately, the city was advised that immediate stabilization measures should be implemented, consisting of a riprap and crushed stone toe keyway underlain by a geotextile liner. Once installed, the slope’s face was laid from the bottom to top of the slope, utilizing a 4-foot deep layer of 12- to 24-inch riprap atop a 12-inch thick layer of crushed stone, extending from Entry Dingle Brook to the edge of Dickinson Street at the top of the embankment.

Design of the roadway, sidewalk, and adjacent utilities was also undertaken concurrent with the slope stabilization design. We designed associated repairs for the curbing, sidewalk, and guide railing along the exposed length of the embankment. The design of the emergency repair and stabilization measures was completed within 30 days after the failure event. Final construction was completed after approximately 6 months.

Weston & Sampson’s field inspection, observations, and documentation of activities allowed the city to efficiently verify contractor invoices, helping the city to control costs and be assured of costs and accountability.



LOCATION: Springfield, MA

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