Chilled Water Distribution Addition

Underground Chilled Water Distribution Addition

Weston & Sampson provided comprehensive study, design, bidding, and construction administration services for a 400-yard extension of the underground chilled water distribution system and site/civil/landscaping services for the new chiller building, as part of a multi-project assignment for this U.S. Coast Guard Academy campus.

This $18 million project provided the campus with a new central chilled water plant and connected it to the existing chilled water distribution system at Chase Hall. The optimum path for the new underground 16-inch-diameter chilled water lines traversed areas with an extremely dense concentration of existing utilities. As such, it was incumbent on Weston & Sampson to develop and provide an extensive utility survey that was integrated into a 3-dimensional model. The modeling process is credited with saving substantial time and money for the client. Additional project elements include:

  • Modifications or additions to existing telecommunications, sewer, and storm water mains to accommodate the new chilled water pipes
  • Potable water, sanitary sewer, steam, electric, telecommunications and natural gas utility services to the new chiller building
  • Registration with the State of Connecticut’s General Permit for the discharge of stormwater and dewatering wastewaters associated with construction activities, and plan development in conformance with the state guidelines for soil erosion and sediment control
  • Creation of a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) to protect the Thames River from potential adverse impacts of the proposed development, using detention and infiltration (resulting in a net decrease of runoff)
  • Field soil investigations, including deep test pits and infiltration testing
  • Geotechnical services, including site assessment and development of guidelines
  • Development of a handicap accessible pedestrian route on a heavily sloped site
  • Other site features, including landscaping, retaining walls, site furniture, curbs, and pavements
  • Phased construction to allow activities to be hosted on campus


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