Distribution and Transmission Gas Expansion

distribution and transmission gas expansion project

Weston & Sampson was involved in a distribution and transmission gas expansion project for eastern North Carolina. We designed and developed natural gas pipelines and facilities to serve 13 counties in this region. Engineering and construction management responsibilities for the distribution and transmission gas expansion project included the following:

  • Design oversight of distribution pipeline facilities, transmission pipelines, pressure regulating stations, customer metering stations, and custody transfer stations
  • Preparation of NCDOT encroachment permits for gas distribution and transmission facilities installed within the DOT highway right of ways
  • Development of hydrostatic testing and pipeline purging procedures to support gas pipeline construction activities
  • Development of odorization measures and procedures to maintain acceptable odorant levels in new transmission pipeline and polyethylene plastic pipe distribution systems subject to low flow conditions
  • Engineering review of horizontal direction drilling (HDD) layout plans for numerous stream and river crossings as well as the 16,000 LF crossing of the Currituck Sound at the Outer Banks
  • Regular attendance at Construction Progress meetings with pipeline contractor personnel


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