Drainage and Culvert for Subdivision

Comprehensive Drainage and Culvert Services for Private Client Subdivision

A private client wanted to subdivide a single lot in West Hartford, which was plagued by occasional flooding, into nine lots. A cross-culvert passed Tumbledown Brook under the existing access drive to the lot, but the 100-year flood topped the drive in some locations. To create the nine lots, the developer needed a new access road that would not be inundated during the 100-year storm.

To avoid negative impacts to the brook, Weston & Sampson constructed a precast concrete arch structure around the low-flow brook channel. Because we had to raise the access road above the 100-year flood level, we needed to provide a way for the higher flood waters to pass the new road. Our team designed the road with over 100 feet of box culverts to maintain flood elevations at each property line.

The drainage work for this project involved:

  • a new Conspan bridge over an existing 4-foot x 14-foot box culvert
  • five 2-foot x 26-foot and two 2-foot x 12-foot floodplain box culverts
  • a subgrade detention system (HS-20 concrete galleys)
  • roadway drainage services

In addition, since the developer wanted to fill within the 100-year flood line, our team needed to show that there would be no impact. We worked with FEMA to obtain a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR).

As part of this project, our work also included the following:

  • site survey
  • subdivision for nine residential lots
  • preparation of plot plans
  • roadway design of 1,100 feet of roadway with a cul-de-sac
  • landscape architecture/design services
  • local permitting assistance (e.g., inland wetlands, planning and zoning (site plan approval and a special permit for flood management)


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