Sewer and Drainage Improvement Projects

Sewer and Drainage Improvements to the Strand Area of Quincy MA

The Strand Area of Quincy, Massachusetts had a history of sewer and drainage problems and severe flooding events. Cracks had developed in the sewer lines because of subsurface settling, traffic loads, and the freeze-thaw cycles that occur over time. As a result, there were problems with the sewer system becoming intermingled with the drain system and sewage discharging into wetland areas and Quincy Bay via drain lines. Sewage from The Strand Area was a major source of pollution on Wollaston Beach, and the area had experienced problems with frozen sewage, which forces the periodical flushing out of the sewer lines during the winter. These freezing problems had caused raw sewage to back up into basements, bathrooms, driveways, and yards in the area.

Weston & Sampson conducted a study of the area and to develop several alternatives to solve sewerage and drainage problems in this area. The City of Quincy DPW, with input from the Citizen’s Advisory Committee, selected the final design. The majority of the gravity sewer in the area was removed and replaced to provide minimum slope and ground cover, including construction of a new, submersible pump station. Repairs and improvements were made to the existing drainage system, including construction of a drainage pump station to alleviate the flooding problems of the area. The drainage pump station force main discharges into the existing 36-inch outfall. The existing wetland areas were expanded to provide flood protection during the design storm (10-year, 6-hour storm) at high tide. The Strand project design consisted of approximately 300 linear feet of new 8-inch gravity sewer, 5,200 linear feet of replacement 8-inch gravity sewer, 600 linear feet of 4-inch force main, one submersible sewer pump station, 2,740 linear feet of replacement drain, one submersible drainage pump station, and all associated appurtenances.

During the final design, Weston & Sampson filed applications for and obtained all required project permits. Weston & Sampson also provided assistance to secure funding for this $3.8 million project from the City of Quincy, MWRA Local Financial Assistance Program, and Massachusetts DEP State Revolving Fund (SRF) Loan Program.


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