East Haven Pump Station Resiliency Implementation

The Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority (GNHWPCA) engaged Weston & Sampson to assist with the implementation of resiliency upgrades to four of their existing wastewater pumping stations in East Haven, Connecticut. Performed using funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, we are modifying public infrastructure to improve its resiliency against rising sea levels, among other natural threats.

This project work involves the following facilities:

  • Minor Road Pumping Station
  • Farview Road Pumping Station
  • Cosey Beach Avenue Pumping Station
  • Meadow Street Pumping Station

The resiliency upgrades to these stations include the demolition of at-grade generator and control building structures, and the installation of new elevated structures to house the generator, fuel tank, electrical, and control systems for each station. The elevated structures are designed to position each station’s critical infrastructure safely above the 500-year flood elevations at each site, and to allow for the safe flooding of the at- and below-grade structures and their associated equipment.

Weston & Sampson provided engineering assistance, including the design of construction modifications, administration of construction oversight, and construction support (e.g., shop drawing review, contractor coordination, RFI response, resident engineering, and close-out services).


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