East Providence Parking Study

Weston & Sampson, on behalf of Rhode Island Waterfront Enterprises, LLC (RIWE), prepared a parking strategy to support their redevelopment plans on the East Providence waterfront. 

The development will include 90 acres of land within the East Providence Waterfront District, including 75 contiguous acres. There are plans to develop a port facility and a permanent entertainment venue to replace the current entertainment venue at Bold Point Park.

RIWE contracted with Weston & Sampson to support the redevelopment of their land on the East Providence waterfront. Weston & Sampson is working with the client to identify opportunities for additional development along the Waterfront and their goal is to identify a mix of uses that will work well alongside the port use and the entertainment venue. Weston & Sampson is working to maximize the success of these two uses with additional development, and to ultimately create an active, vibrant waterfront. Consistent with the Town’s vision for the waterfront, Weston & Sampson would like to minimize the amount of parking needed through a variety of strategies, including shared parking, transportation demand management strategies, optimization of transit and other modes
of access.



LOCATION: East Providence, RI

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