Green Infrastructure / Low Impact Development Educational Signage Project

Engaging and Informative Educational Signage

The Boston Water and Sewer Commission initiated an educational signage project for their GI/LID Program to implement stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP), Green Infrastructure (GI) and Low Impact Development (LID) at pilot locations within the City of Boston. Several collaborative demonstration and pilot projects are at various stages of planning, design, and construction or have been recently completed throughout the city. These projects vary in scale and include large GI installations and smaller-scale projects that involve curriculum development for the Boston Public Schools.

In 2017, the Commission retained Weston & Sampson to create engaging and informative educational signage related to the GI/LID features for five schoolyard projects and seven streetscape projects.

Weston & Sampson reviewed the existing information provided by the Commission on the details of each site, provided examples of signage used in other municipalities to gauge design direction, and summarized our findings. Our team then prepared GI/LID design templates that will enable the Commission to create educational signage on their own in the future. We also designed site-specific signs that provide an overview of a particular site/project, describe the GI/LID features present within that site, and outline the project benefits. Our GI-specific signs showcase one GI feature per sign and detail the characteristics and benefits specific to that feature.

Upon completion, Weston & Sampson summarized the educational signage project and collected all of the work produced in a final report delivered to the Commission. We engaged Fossil Graphics to fabricate a selection of signs requested by the Commission for their immediate use.


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