Emergency Culvert Rehabilitation

Emergency Culvert Rehabilitation following Flooding and Culvert Failure

During a storm, the banks of the Meadow Brook overtopped and created flooding problems in many areas of Millbury.  Broadmeadow Avenue has a culvert running under it that is comprised of three corrugated metal pipes and a concrete slab roadway above.  Two of the corrugated metal pipe culverts collapsed and the one pipe remaining was overwhelmed by the amount water and backed up over the road.  In the process, the section of Broadmeadow Avenue over the culvert failed and a large sinkhole formed.  The town installed jersey barriers and emergency signage to keep vehicles and pedestrians from falling into the hole.

Weston & Sampson volunteered services to temporarily fix the problem of the collapsed pipe and roadway to alleviate the flooding due to inadequate capacity in the culverts. We notified a pipe distributor and coordinated the sizing and delivery of two stub pipes of corrugated metal to match the sizes of the collapsed pipes to be utilized to mitigate the problems with culvert capacity.  The pipe manufacturer delivered the pipe to the site and a town procured contractor installed the pipes.  The two collapsed pipes were cut to a point where the cross section was intact and the new pipe sections were inserted into the remaining pipe ends.  The headwall was bulkheaded with stones and flowable fill was poured into the sinkhole in Broadmeadow Avenue to fill the void.  After the fill material was allowed to set the roadway was repaved.

The culvert is now working to the same level prior to the culvert collapse.


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