Energy Saving Wastewater Pumps

Wastewater Pumps Designed to Conserve Energy at the Mascuppic Trail Wastewater Pump Station

Weston & Sampson provided the Town of Tyngsborough, MA with three new wastewater pumps designed to conserve energy and reduce operating costs at the Mascuppic Trail Wastewater Pump Station.

Weston & Sampson also assisted the town with obtaining a Massachusetts DOER grant in the amount of $88,100 to help fund the project.

The pump station is located on Mascuppic Trail adjacent to Mascuppic Pond in Tyngsborough. The pump station pumps wastewater from a wet well to the wastewater treatment plant. Weston & Sampson conducted a site visit to assess the existing equipment, and identify opportunities for energy savings. The site visit indicated that the existing supply was through three 30-horsepower sewage pumps. The existing pumps were installed over 35 years ago. The normal pump life of this model is 15 years and the pumps had greatly exceeded their operating life. The pumps were found to be operating at less than 900GPM and were extremely inefficient due the excessive wear. It is estimated that the existing pumps were 80% efficient and running for 3,900 hours per year.

Weston & Sampson recommended that these outdated, inefficient, and deteriorated pumps be upgraded with more efficient models. Weston & Sampson installed three new Fairbanks-Nijhuis 8” x 6” pump with mechanical seal, rated at 30-horsepower. With the operating head the new pumps now operate at 1,500 gallons-per-minute. The new pumps are 93% efficient and operate 2,500 hours per year due to increased pumping efficiency.


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