Brick Masonry Rehabilitation

Repair and Renovation of Brick Facade Wall at Somerville Engine 7 Fire Department

Weston & Sampson worked with the Fire Department and the Director of Capital Projects to develop the rehabilitation of the rear brick masonry wall at Engine 7, which had experienced cracks and failures of the brick façade and steel lintel supports.

Weston & Sampson prepared a set of plans and details for the repair and renovation work that included removing the outmost wythe of the brick façade, blocking off the rear foundation wall with new reinforced CMU, installing new steel lintels and stainless steel masonry anchors, replicating the wood trim detail at the roof line, replacing the kitchen window, and installing a new outer brick veneer.

Weston & Sampson assisted the city during the bid phase and provided full inspection and construction administration services through project closeout. The contractor completed the work on schedule and within the contract amount without submitting any change orders.


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