Engineering and Review for Subdivision

Engineering and Review for Legacy Farms Subdivision Development

Weston & Sampson oversaw the construction of three projects for the Legacy Farms Development in Hopkinton: the Legacy Farms South definitive subdivision plan; municipal water system expansion; and Alprilla Farm Wells No.7 and No.8. Serving as the town’s liaison, Weston & Sampson coordinated utility construction with the developer, design engineers, and contractor.

In addition, the Weston & Sampson team reviewed the design plans for work on East Main Street (Rte. 135) related to access to the proposed project sites. This work entailed review of proposed lane widths, feasibility of adding turn lanes, access by WB-50 design vehicles (through AutoTurn), roadway design geometry (centerline), construction phasing and ADA/AAB acceptability. General roadway profiles were reviewed for consistency with acceptable site distances and ultimate cover over existing utlities in cut locations.

The definitive subdivision plan for Legacy Farms South entailed the installation of new roadway and utility infrastructure. The 730-acre mixed-use development includes 450,000 square feet of commercial use and 940 residential dwellings. Weston & Sampson oversaw the installation of approximately 6,000 linear feet 12-inch ductile iron water main, 8-inch PVC gravity sewer, two well pump stations, an 8-inch HDPE gas main, and communication conduit for telephone and internet. These utilities were brought to the property lines of each village within the development.

The drainage infrastructure was designed to handle surface run-off, which reaches the designed bio-retention basins. Installation of the roadway involved cuts and fills, ledge removal via blasting and hammering, rotary construction, a meandering sidewalk/bike path, and replacement of a box culvert with a retaining wall and native wetlands replication.

For the Alprilla Farm wells and the municipal water system expansion, Weston & Sampson coordinated the installation of two potable water wells that were turned over to the town after construction. The well water is pumped and treated on site within Building No. 8. The water is injected with sodium hydroxide for pH and sodium hypochlorite for disinfection, and is monitored through the town’s SCADA system. A 12-inch ductile iron water main connected these wells to the town’s water distribution system and the new development.


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