Environmental and Geotechnical Assessment

Environmental and Geotechnical Assessment at Former Oil Storage Facility

On behalf of the City of Boston, Weston & Sampson conducted an environmental assessment in support of the acquisition of a former oil storage facility located on the East Boston waterfront. The site formerly housed 13 above ground bulk storage tanks plus one underground storage tank. The tanks contained kerosene, gasoline, diesel, and aviation fuel. The site was developed from filled land dating back to the early 1900s.

Prior to acquisition, the city hired Weston & Sampson to evaluate potential environmental and other issues that could impact site redevelopment. The site had documented releases of petroleum from its use as a bulk storage facility. Weston & Sampson performed an extensive review of environmental data and reports as well as hydrogeological information, flood data, and utility layout.

A site assessment and limited remediation had been performed by the previous owner. Weston & Sampson reviewed the assessment and remediation data. We identified a data gaps and conducted a limited assessment to evaluate current conditions as well as complete the evaluation of environmental conditions. Weston & Sampson peer reviewed the state filings for compliance with the Massachusetts Contingency Plan, including documentation regarding site closure as well as the Activity and Use Limitation that would impact future development.

Post acquisition, Weston & Sampson evaluated the potential presence of wetlands soils and species and determined the sites compliance with the Wetlands Protection act. Weston & Sampson conducted a geotechnical review of the impacts of filling the site to aid redevelopment. The geotechnical assessment evaluated potential settlement issues and was part of a larger assessment of the condition of the bulkheads and seawall. Weston & Sampson also conducted an extensive utility survey to document utilities and associated easements at the site. Portions of the site have collected stormwater and an area of standing water exists. Weston & Sampson evaluated dewatering options and prepared a design for dewatering existing ponded water and a system to prevent the continued accumulation of stormwater at the site.


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